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How Video Marketing Helps To Grow Your Business



The birth of video marketing can be traced back to the 1940s, when the first video commercial was aired on American television.

More than 65 years down the line, the leading web search engine, Google, purchased the top video viewing platform for $1.65 billion. Since then, the growth of video marketing and the associated video marketing tools has been exponential.

Today, more than half a billion people watch YouTube. 68% of people would rather learn about a product by watching its video rather than reading about it. In such a situation, small and large businesses are jumping at the scope of increasing their reach with video marketing. Here is how you can leverage video to grow your business.

Better Conversion Rates – Businesses that have adapted to the use of video report a much higher conversion rate. Some reports suggest placing a video on the landing page results in an 80% increase in the conversion rate. Further, you can place a video link in your email marketing campaigns.

That way, you can expect a 200 to 300% increase in the click-through ratio. You can also consider adding CTAs to the videos that you post on YouTube. The CTAs can direct the viewer to the page, which allows them to make a purchase. Such proactive measures on your part will boost the sales of your firm.

Better Search Engine Optimization – Google ranks pages with videos higher than those without it. Engaging videos keep a viewer hooked to a web page for longer. The higher the dwell time, the better is the web page in the eyes of Google, and the more likely it is to recommend the page to other users. Moreover, a higher dwell time also increases the odds of a user purchasing from you.

Effective Testimonials – Video testimonials are a powerful tool for winning the trust of the customers. When you approach satisfied customers and request them to share their experience with your brand, it makes them feel important. That way, they develop brand loyalty and are likely to spread the word among their peers.

For a potential customer, hearing the words of affirmation from someone like them helps to win brownie points in your favor. With video, there is a human touch to the testimonials, which makes them more effective.

Higher Chances of Being Shared – An average customer is more likely to enjoy a video than an image or text. It is a general human tendency to want to share what one enjoys with their peers. That is why in the world of social media, video content has 1200% higher chances of being shared by the viewer.

To understand the importance of social shares, you need to realize that shares are the most effective platform for word-of-mouth marketing. By creating highly shareable marketing content, you allow your viewers to become your brand ambassador and take your products forward.

Better Customer Relationship – Video uses a combination of vocal tone, music, and facial expressions to evoke an emotional response in the viewer. From a psychological perspective, this humanizes a brand. That is why most of us find it much easier to stop reading textual content than give up on a video midway.

As a brand, you can leverage the power of video to build a relationship of trust with your customers. There are several video editing tools that you can experiment with while creating such poignant videos. InVideo is one of the finest options as the tool comes with a host of easy-to-use templates that you can use to create a professional relationship-building video in a matter of minutes.

Wider Brand Awareness – Videos are an excellent platform for you to tell your brand story or to express your opinion on some industry-relevant subjects. Depending on your business offering, you can share employee interviews, office tour videos, or behind-the-scenes footage of your workplace. You can also consider conducting live video sessions to build a personal relationship with your audience.

Such type of interesting content will encourage people to keep coming back to your brand page for more. When your potential customers start resonating with your brand values, they become more likely to remember your brand name.

Simplifying the Decision-making – These days, people expect a product description page to come with a video. 20% of consumers tend to lose interest in a product if it comes without a video description. That is because a video testimonial gives an honest insight into a product.

The viewers get to decide how the product works and that helps them take a call on whether they should buy it or not. In modern times few people have the patience to read through long textual descriptions and having a video description will allow your business to cater to a much more diverse group.

Higher Engagement with Mobile Users – 90% of internet users enjoy watching videos on their mobile phones. As a brand, you can create mobile-optimized videos to make your customers feel comfortable and increase your website traffic.

Shooting your film in portrait mode, adding subtitles, and closed captioning to your videos are some of the steps that you can take in this regard. By creating content exclusively for your mobile users, you make them feel valued and that makes them keep coming back to you for more.

Better ROI – At the heart of any marketing campaign lies the question of expected ROI. While creating a video does take more effort than having a pictorial campaign or writing a blog, the fact is 89% of marketers believe that video marketing gives a good ROI.

An average potential customer spends hours browsing through YouTube and other social media sites. If you can present your promotional content in the form of video, it will be in a form that the user enjoys consuming. That way, the potential customer will be more receptive to your message.

Ensuring Better Customer Retention – If you are keen on growing your business, you need to think beyond attracting new customers and work on retaining your existing customer base. Video can help you by providing a platform to stay connected and assure them of quality service. For example, if your brand is into selling products that require assembling, you can create videos that take the user on a guided process of the same. That way, you will be simplifying the struggle of your customers and ensuring that they stay loyal to your brand.

The above ten tips will put your business on the right track of expansion and growth. Now, it is up to you to diligently follow the tips and steer the success story of your brand.

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